Fortnite, Epic Games Asks You to Vote on the Next Store Skin


Fortnite Chapter 2 players can now vote for the next Skin that will arrive in Epic Games’ pay game store: here are the possible options.

From time to time the developers of Epic Games ask their players to vote for the next Skin coming to Fortnite ‘s game store Chapter 2: this feature, already being tested with Season 10, was officially introduced with Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1. However, it is not used to ask which old Skin should return or not, but directly to vote among the unpublished ones.

At the time of writing, and until midnight, you can then vote directly within the Epic Games Battle Royale for the next new Skin coming to Fortnite Chapter 2. The possibilities are three and each player has only one vote available, which once assigned can no longer be changed. The costumes are Terns, the guardian of the forest (Epic Skin from 1500 V-buck, about 15 euros per change); Riley, and finally Stingray. These last two are instead “rare”, so they will cost less once in the shop: around 1200 V-buck (12 euros at the exchange).

Below we present an image with the preview of the three Fortnite Skin Chapter 2 in question. Clearly the most original is Terns, the guardian of the forest (which not surprisingly costs even more); we’ll see what the verdict of the community will be.