How to Smoke Cheese with Ease in Electric Smoker


Smoked cheese is a delicious snack. It can be used as a sandwich to boost the flavor of your pasta. You don’t have to buy this delicacy from those pricey grocers when you can make them at home. Regular cheese is quite affordable, but its value and taste multiply after it is smoked. Smoked cheese is a versatile delicacy that can be added to any meal.

Want to enjoy this sweetness in the comfort of your home? Let me show you simple steps to smoke cheese in an electric smoker. Let’s get started already.

Buying the cheese

You can smoke any cheese. But ideally, hard cheeses such as Gouda and cheddar are preferred. Alternatively, you can also go for mozzarella, pepper jack, Colby, parmesan, Muenster, or provolone.

Preparation of cheese

The first preparation step is to cut your cheese into blocks. You should cut them into your preferred sizes. However, smaller sizes are preferred. You see, with smaller sizes, the smoke flavor will penetrate the pieces easily. If you want to enjoy the perfect smoky flavor, let the cheese be in cubes of 3 cm or less. With smaller portions, you get two sides of the smoke layer. Besides, smaller pieces will cook faster too.

Place the cheese cubes on a tray. Let them settle at room temperature for 1-1 ½ hours. This will let the cheese develop a thin skin on its upper layer. The thin layers prevent premature melting when you start the smoker.

Setting up the smoker

Arrange your cheese cubes on the top grate of your electric smoker. Leave some space between the cheese cubes to allow for free circulation of smoke. There is no harm in putting the cheese on the rack. You can, however, put the cheese on a foil boat or smoke plate. Using a foil boat or a smoke plate will prevent the melted cheese from soiling your smoker.

You will require a good wood for the smoking process. I would recommend pecan, oak, hickory, or any nut woods. You will be cold smoking, so you just require the smoke and lower temperatures. You can, therefore, use chips or pellets.

Tip: To generate more smoke in less time, soak the wood in water for an hour before using it.

Start the smoker

Turn on the smoker and set the temperature at 225F. Let it heat for around 15 minutes, and then turn it off. At this time, there would be a steady flow of smoke in the smoker. Let the smoke flavor your cheese for around 45 minutes.

We, however, need the smoke more than we need the heat. The temperature you set doesn’t really matter. As long as enough smoke is generated, you are good to go. Depending on how much smoke you want on your cheese, you may repeat the process.

 Your cheese is not ready, yet!

After smoking, you will probably get tempted to start munching on your smoked cheese. There is no harm, go ahead, try them out. I know how difficult it is to resist them.

However, for the best results, wrap the cheese in a plastic bag with a ziplock. Put the cheese in your refrigerator and allow the favor to settle in.

Wait for 10 days to consume your smoked cheese. Consume it between the 10th day and the first month. The longer you wait, the better the flavor becomes.


If you have an occasion coming up or you are hosting a friend, impress them by pulling out your prowess in smoking cheese. You can serve this amazing snack with basically any meal. All you need is a block of cheese, 2 hours, and your electric smoker. With this procedure, be sure that you will keep trying it out over and over. You will not be able to resist the delicacies for so long.