Minecraft Earth, Download to 2.5 Million Units Worldwide


Minecraft Earth is still very far from the major global successes, but being still in early access beta is having a pretty convincing start in terms of downloads.

Minecraft Earth is progressively expanding in the world, approaching at this point the 2.5 million total downloads with a remarkable acceleration achieved during the last week.

Minecraft Earth was made available last week, still in the early access version, in several other countries during a significant step in its subsequent opening. Now the Mojang game is also available in Italy and although there are still several countries in the world it is clearly expanding like wildfire.

Based on data revealed by Sensor Tower, it appears that Minecraft Earth has totaled 1.4 million downloads with the new opening to other countries last week and is approaching a total of 2.5 million downloads, of which most (about 1.2 million) made in the US with the United Kingdom to follow with 71,000 downloads.

Obviously we are far from global phenomena like Pokémon GO and the like, but considering the still-experimental nature of Minecraft Earth and the fact that it is still an early access beta waiting for evolutions and additions, it seems to be a good start for this particular Minecraft mobile spin-off.

Also, the volumes of collections are still quite low but obviously the micro-transactions are starting with $ 93,000 obtained so far from the purchase of rubies and the like in the internal store.