One Piece: The End of the Manga and the Narrative Arc of Wano Have Long Been Linked


It seems that Eiichiro Oda has linked the end of Wano’s narrative arc with that of the One Piece manga for a long time, that’s what it means.

At the time of writing, the One Piece manga is facing the events of the Wano Narrative Arc (third act); it seems that in any case this line of the main narrative is connected with the end of the manga, no less, and also for a long time.

These revelations and some important statements have arrived in recent days from an anime-themed convention in Japan, where Toei Animation and Shonen Jump were also present. There was also an opportunity to discuss One Piece and the work of Eiichiro Oda in general; in particular, Shimizu of Toei Animation confirmed that the narrative arc of Wano, in Oda’s intentions, is linked to the ending of the manga for quite some time.

That’s not all: “Wano’s story arc was designed as a story in which Luffy and his companions will face Kaido and Big Mom in an epic battle,” said Shimizu. However, he could not anticipate anything more detailed, for fear of annoying Oda; he admitted, however, that the mangaka revealed to him some time ago: “when the narrative arc of Wano is concluded, then it will mean that the end of One Piece will be insight”. Should we expect incredible revelations in the manga in the coming months?