Red Dead Redemption 2, Patch 1.14.1 Solves Many Problems on the PC Version


Rockstar Games released the 1.14.1 patch for Red Dead Redemption 2 designed to solve various crash problems and graphic glitches on PC, with improvements also for Xbox One.

In the past few hours, Rockstar Games has released the 1.14.1 patch for Red Dead Redemption 2, which solves a lot of problems and various imperfections especially with regard to the PC version, going to act more marginally even on the Xbox One.

Published yesterday, November 25, 2019, the update 1.14.1 should improve many aspects of Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC regarding stability and technical issues. In particular, crashes that arise in different cases, such as: should be resolved

  • Change in Windows audio options during the game
  • Launch of the game from Vulkan to DirectX 12 and vice versa
  • Change of graphic settings by being close to the VRAM limit
  • Upload screen by launching Story Mode and Red Dead Online
  • Exit from the game
  • Change between different input devices
  • In gameplay using mouse and keyboard
  • Moving from Story mode to Red Dead Online
  • Entering Photo Mode with the player in film camera mode
  • With some weather conditions on certain graphics cards
  • Using particular combinations of Vulkan or DirectX 12 with certain graphics cards

These are therefore the various cases in which it was possible to run into crashes or graphic problems that should have been resolved with the patch in question, which on Xbox One should also generally improve the stability and performance of the game. We do not know, at the moment, how much the 1.14.1 update has actually improved the situation of Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC, judging by the comments below the official Rockstar tweet, shown below, it seems that there are still several problems in the course.