Steam: Almost a Thousand Games Disappeared, Removed by Valve for Mysterious Reasons


Valve has performed a quick mass deletion operation for almost a thousand games in the Steam catalog and now we try to understand the reasons for this maneuver, given the quantity and variety of games involved.

From the catalog Steam have disappeared almost a thousand games in a few hours, with a wide maneuver that looks like some sort of ban mass by Valve that led to the removal of blocking of numerous games of minor importance, even without reasons precise by the company.

It is difficult to have an accurate count of the games removed, but according to reports from Steam Tools, around 1000 titles have been deleted from the Steam catalog in the past few hours. These are games of various types and styles, mostly related to that category that we could define as “shovelware” given the low average quality of these, but among the removed games there are also several that were instead appreciated and played by many users, plus some present in the catalog by now years.

Among these Glasswinged Ascension, for example, was present since 2017 as well as Mind Trap, while others have received positive reviews from users such as Electric Highways and Masha Rescues Grandma. In short, these games are mostly little known or directly unknown, but still present for years in some cases and in others also appreciated, so the reasons for the mass removal of adventure in a hurry are not clear within a few hours from part of Valve.

As reported by PC Gamer, it seems that Valve partially explained the matter by talking about “partners who abused Steamworks tools “, but without going into details. A detail emerged in these hours, moreover, is the fact that a good part of the games removed by Steam seems to have something to do with a single Russian publisher , called Dagestan Technology, which appears with different names on Steam and with widespread connections on most part of the games involved in mass deletion. We therefore await any developments on the issue.