Sword and Shield Pokémon, Reported Leakers Who Have Released Images and Details in Advance


The Pokémon Company officially denounced the leakers who circulated the materials on Pokémon Sword and Shield in advance with legal action against three unknown subjects.

Finally, there is the official report on The Pokémon Company’s denunciation of leakers who released Pokémon Sword and Shield images and details in advance of the game’s release date, apparently at least three US presidents.

The question was in the air, because we know how Nintendo and affiliated companies take certain things seriously, so after the first few signs came the confirmation that The Pokémon Company has started a legal procedure against three US residents not yet disclosed, for having released ” illustrations not authorized by a strategic guide not yet released” for Pokémon Sword and Shield, distributing them through Discord and 4chan over the course of 15 hours during the first days of November.

The complaint was filed with the Washington district court in Seattle and is based on the fact that these images distributed before time, containing the Gigantamax forms of Machamp, Eevee, Garbador and Kingler, as well as new Pokémon and characters, represented trade secrets of value , with their unauthorized disclosure that caused damage to marketing plans established by The Pokémon Company prior to the launch of Sword and Shield Pokémon .

The company, therefore, requires compensation for damages received, the payment of court costs and the prevention of the use of confidential information in the future. At the moment the identities of the three subjects in question are not yet known, with The Pokémon Company that has already started investigations through investigators and also asking for support from Discord and 4chan to collaborate in identifying the individuals in question.