Xbox Scarlett: Virtual Reality Is Not a Priority for Microsoft, Phil Spencer Explains Why


Even Xbox Scarlett will probably remain distant from virtual reality, at least at first, with Phil Spencer explaining Microsoft’s reasons for this attitude.

Even on Xbox Scarlett, Microsoft does not seem willing to invest in virtual reality, which continues not to be a priority for the Redmond home as explained by the head of the Xbox division, Phil Spencer, who motivated the absence of such technology in the current projects for the new console in an interview with Stevivor.

It is, in effect, a continuation of the policy adopted so far by Microsoft even with Xbox One, which has remained somewhat distant from VR beyond some timid connection with Oculus Rift. Phil Spencer explained that this extremely cautious approach to virtual reality comes from the users ‘ attitude, which apparently still has little interest in this technology in most cases.

“I am not trying to diminish the work that people are doing on virtual reality”, explained Spencer, however, “I have some doubts about VR – it seems to me that it tends to isolate and instead I think of games as a pastime that unites, an experience that drives people to be together. We are responding to what consumers are asking and in fact, nobody is asking for virtual reality, “the head of the Xbox said.

“The vast majority of our users know that if they want to experience in VR there are already established realities where they can find it.VR on PC and in other areas, “said Spencer, who summarized by saying that” nobody is selling millions and millions of VR units “. The head of the Xbox division realizes that he must think about numbers and make cold calculations, but these are the results that emerge at the moment.

“I think we could get there at some point,” he added, “but at the moment this is not our priority.” So it is highly probable that even Xbox Scarlett does not have its own viewer. nor native support for some already established virtual reality viewers, we’ll see.