DoTA Underlords, Outlanders Update Available


Valve has released the Outlanders update for DoTA Underlords, which adds a lot of content to the game, including a new synergy and a new model.

Valve has released the Outlanders update for DoTA Underlords, it’s very successful free-to-play battler car. A lot of additional content, as we talk about a new synergy, a fast game mode and more. Improvements also to the interface, especially on mobile systems, where it is now much more comfortable. The PC version was also revised.

We read the official description of all the DoTA Underlords news :

Five new heroes have arrived in White Spire and the Underlords can not wait to enlist them in their army. Snapfire and Void Spirit are new on both Dota 2 and Underlords, while the three Spirits peep out to keep company with their cousin Spirit.

Snapfire – Snapfire is a Dragon Inventor. It provides assistance from distance to the army and periodically fires a shotgun, reducing the attack speed of enemies. If the Dragon synergy is active, his lizard will throw fiery orbs at the enemy.

Void Spirit – Void Spirit is a Sorcerer Spirit and is Champion of Spirits. He fights hand-to-hand and his ability Dissimilarity allows him to create portals and inflict furtive blows on opponents. Void Spirit’s Champion ability boosts damage dealt with by loaded Spirits by 100%.

Spirit Synergy – Void Spirit did not arrive alone at White Spire. He brought some cousins ​​with him: Storm Spirit, Ember Spirit, and Earth Spirit. When three Spirits are on the board and are loaded, they perform the Triangular Delta Strike. This ability damages all nearby enemy heroes and applies the elemental effects of each Spirit.

KO mode
We have added a new fast-paced mode called KO In KO mode, each player starts by choosing an army of 5 heroes. To upgrade the heroes two equal ones are needed and the players level up automatically every round. Each player has 4 KOs (defeats) before being thrown out and the games last 10 minutes on average. Players are paired in groups and will face other players with a similar amount of PV. The complete rules are available below.

Let’s start with the random KO mode. The classified mode will arrive soon. Obviously we have taught bots to play KO mode, so players can start training with bots right away. The team had a great time trying this new mode and we’re excited to introduce it to the whole community!

New gaming experience
As Season 1 approaches, we want to make the game discovery process easy and intuitive for the new Underlord. With this update, we have implemented a new tutorial in which Ricky Corvonero will teach new players the basic concepts of Underlords.

The tutorial will appear only to players who have played less than three Underlords games and will be presented only once. If you want to start it manually, you’ll find it as a game mode in “Batch Game”.

Interface for mobile devices
Further updates and improvements to the game interface for mobile devices. In this update, we introduce some big news to the interface for PC and for mobile devices, which is now more readable, easier in the interaction and more visually balanced on all devices. We continue to work on the game, so we can’t wait to read the comments on the update.