Dragon Ball Super: Could Gohan Reach the Ultra Instinct?


Could Gohan reach the Ultra Instinct, like Father Goku? Here are some Dragon Ball Super themed considerations, by Akira Toriyama.

The Dragon Ball Super manga is currently focusing on the narrative arc of Galactic Patrol and Moro. This article contains anticipations and reflections dedicated to Gohan, the son of Goku; let’s try to understand if it could, in turn, reach the Ultra Instinct.

Gohan has recently returned to action, as in the good old days: in the last chapter of the Dragon Ball Super manga, he saved Piccolo (Junior) and fought against Moro’s henchmen. At this point, many wonder if Gohan can reach Ultra Instinct or not. We know that among the mortals only the Saiyans have succeeded, so far: Goku he surprised, in this regard, both Grand Zeno and Beerus and Whis.

The evolution of Gohan was different from that of Goku: it achieved the first two levels of the Super Saiyan very quickly and then stopped. It is not to be excluded that it may reach the Ultra Instinct in turn, and even more completely than the father. It must also be considered that Gohan possesses Saiyan blood only half: does this affect the possible transformation? In the coming months, we will better understand the Toriyama and Toyotaro action plan.