Dreams, Only 100,000 Players for Early Access


Apparently Dreams of Media Molecule has accumulated only 100,000 players with early access, going well below expectations.

Dreams of Media Molecule registered only 100,000 players in early access. This is the data provided by communications manager Abbie Heppe speaking during an episode of the AIAS Game Maker podcast.

This is not an exceptional quantity, considering how many years we talk about Dreams and the very affordable price of access. In short, that has created a kind of development tool more than a game that has not convinced PS4 owners? After all, many simply want to play and to spend months creating their games doesn’t care.

However, we will see if with the launch of the final version there will be a greater influx of people. For Dreams, we also talk about a PC version, which would then be the most logical landing for such a product. However it should be noted that in the past there was the talk of a great success of Dreams on PS4, so the expectations could be lower than you think.