Life Is Strange 2, the Trailer for the Complete Season


Life is Strange 2 is about to end and Dontnod has released the full season trailer, which will be available after the launch of the last episode.

Life is Strange 2 is coming to its conclusion with the fifth episode. Meanwhile, waiting for the launch on December 3, Dontnod and Square Enix have released a trailer dedicated to the entire season, which will also be available in physical format, at least on consoles. The video, found at the head of the news, shows some gameplay sequences.

Life is Strange 2: Episode 4 – Faith is a powerful and very important episode for the series, which struck us fully with the strength of its themes, situations, characters, and choices. If all the episodes of Life is Strange 2, already pleasing and cared for, had had the same grit, probably the second season would also have had some chance of overcoming, in the hearts of the fans, the memory of Max and Chloe. The adventure of Sean and Daniel is now on its way to its conclusion, and at the very moment when the calm pursuit towards a safe place seems to be in sight, we are unable to imagine what new dangers may appear on the horizon. But it must be something sensational if Dontnod wants to close the curtain with the public’s ovation.