Steam Awards 2019: The Selection of Nominations Starts


Voting began for the nominations for the 2019 Steam Awards: the awards will take place on 31 December, let’s see the categories.

The 2019 Steam Awards are about to arrive: the selection of the nominations has begun on the Valve platform, which will lead to the announcement of the winners on December 31st.

“The time has come to reunite the Steam Prize Selection Commission, set up for the sole purpose of naming the best of the best of the year. This esteemed commission is made up of the most authoritative experts in the field: you!

You decide those who have honored the world of video games, through criteria as unique as the group of contenders. This is why we have added some new categories that will measure their value. The choice is yours, go and nominate!

The Game of the Year Award
Whether thanks to its immersive gameplay, its engaging story, its charismatic characters, its perfect design or its addictive multiplayer mode, the winner of the 2019 Game of the Year award is a true classic.

The VR Game of the Year Award
In-game design, VR is synonymous with “wild west”. It is an anarchist world full of emerging standards, where almost everything is allowed. The winner of this award is not only extremely entertaining but helps pave the way for the future of this type of game.

The Love Act Award
This game has been released for a while. It’s been a long time since the developers first unveiled the fruit of their work, but nevertheless they continue to support and take care of their creation, just like good parents. Even after all these years, the game in question continues to be updated with new content.

The Best Award in the company
It will be because he listened to the fans, creating something totally unexpected, or because he kept his promise to make a truly fantastic game, this studio has definitely split in 2019.

The most innovative Gameplay Award
This game is a pioneer from experimentation and challenges the limits of the medium with new and exciting interactions and surprises that leave you speechless. This game reasons in its own way, inviting you to do the same!

The Best game with a deep story
On some days, only a game full of narrative hits the target and gives the charge. It is as engaging as a soap opera and perfectly calibrated as a quality television script. Congratulations on letting us experience strong sensations!

The Best Game Award where you pity
Games can push us beyond the limits we thought we had. As a set sequence, we get to work, we train our fingers to be quick and agile, mastering timing and positions for weeks. At the end of the challenge, we are rewarded with profound beauty and a satisfying sense of personal growth. Unless we have already launched the monitor out the window on the first day.

The Best Graphic Style Award
Playing these titles is like visiting the chocolate factory. The visual style does not point to the graphic fidelity of the real world (although this is a noble purpose), but rather describes aspects and contents that pervade an entire game. This game shows cohesion and visual expression that not only adapt to the game world but make the real world almost insignificant.