Steam Controller, Valve Ceases Production, Last Sold out Specimens [Updated]

Valve has ceased production of the Steam Controller, of which it is selling off the last units via Steam.

Valve has stopped producing the Steam Controllers. The ambitious peripheral that aimed to be an alternative to the traditional controllers and the mouse + keyboard is therefore destined to end up stored as a failed hardware project and without a follow-up.

Currently, during the autumn sales, you can purchase a Steam Controller on Steam for $ 5, plus another two if you want to add a case. To say, they cost more shipping … But Valve has declared that the warehouses have been emptied, there will be no other specimens to be purchased.

In short, the combined Steam Controller + Steam Link, which aimed to bring Steam into the living room thanks to Steam OS and Steam Machines, there is practically nothing left. Too bad, because we are talking about an ultra customizable controller that would have deserved much more support.

The Steam Controller is exhausted. So, if you haven’t had time to buy it, you can now recover it only used (unless a few surprises).

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