Fortnite: Folletta and Piaga in the Store on November 29, 2019


All the contents, details and prices of the Fortnite store Chapter 2 today 29 November 2019, directly from the developers of Epic Games.

The new shop of Fortnite Chapter 2 has arrived, and with him the first skin designed for Christmas 2019, as Folletta. Below you will find all the content, details and prices directly from the developers of Epic Games.

In the Fortnite Battle Royale store today, November 29, 2019, you will first find the Skin Folletta, offered at a price of 800 V-buck (just 8 euros per change); his set ends with the costume, so you shouldn’t spend any extra money. Together with her, the Plague returns available, the Plague Doctors’ Skin, with a fixed cost of 1500 V-buck, around 15 euros per change And again, among the ballets of today’s shop we note the presence of Cannocchiale, Dorso and Piagnistei.

Below we list all the contents of the store Fortnite of 29 November 2019; the In Swoop challenges are also already available for completion.

  • Folletta (Costume) – 800 V-buck
  • Amanita Fracassaria (Harvesting instrument) – 800 V-buck
  • Plague (Costume) – 1500 V-buck
  • Buccaneer (Costume) – 1200 V-buck
  • Telescope (Emote) – 500 V-buck
  • Back (Emote) – 500 V-buck
  • Emotional (Cover) – 300 V-buck
  • Vendetta (Costume) – 1200 V-buck
  • Piagnistei (Emote) – 200 V-buck