Pokémon Center Megastore, a Life-Size Mewtwo and a Pikachu With Graffiti Welcome Customers


They are a life-size Mewtwo and a Pikachu full of graffiti to welcome the patrons of Shibuya’s Pokémon Center Megastore.

In Shibuya, Tokyo, he opened a brand new Pokémon Center Megastore, which welcomes visitors with a life-size Mewtwo and a Pikachu full of graffiti. It is basically two decorative objects, but they are definitely well made.

More generally, Shibuya’s Pokémon Center Megastore is a dream for all Pokémon fans looking for gadgets of their favorite characters. Inside you can buy plush, clothing, bags, jewelry, decorations and various objects, all with a Pokémon theme. In addition, there are also some crossovers between Pokémon and other Nintendo characters, such as Super Mario, for some really special items.

In short, if you happen to be in those parts and incidentally you are a fan of Pokémon, surely you will find something that is right for you. Below are some photos were taken from the source. For the complete report, we invite you to go to Sora News 24 , where you will find many other details. Furthermore, Shibuya’s Pokémon Center Megastore also has an official website, where you will find more information and some practical guidance.