Xbox Scarlett: Rumors About Low Power Are False, Devkit Too Little and Not Definitive?


Tom Warren, a senior editor of The Verge, finds the current rumors about the power of Xbox Scarlett inferior to PS5 meaningless, considering that the devkits are still not widespread and not definitive.

It seems to be still too early to talk seriously about the power of Xbox Scarlett, considering that Microsoft has not yet sent the devkits to most developers and that even widespread ones are quite distant from their final form.

Tom Warren, a senior editor of The Verge, said with some confidence, through Twitter, that it makes no sense at the moment to talk about Xbox Scarlett and its potential. “Hardly anyone has them and they are not even remotely close to their final form,” Warren said, talking about the Xbox devotional Scarlett.

“That’s why you’re hearing a lot of meaningless things that they are not powerful enough or anything like that, “added the editor of The Verge,” Microsoft wants to take Sony by surprise this time, “suggesting a perhaps different or innovative hardware configuration for Xbox Scarlett compared to PS5 . in response to other items that had emerged a few days ago and they wanted Xbox Scarlett less efficient and powerful SS5 least at present, the devkit.

Obviously it is still a rumor, although the source is definitely trusted as position within the trade press. The discussion also arose from a comment by Warren to the photo of the alleged PS5 devkits reported a few hours ago, which according to the editor of The Verge is certainly true. “The reason it has that V shape is to make it easier to put it on top of the developers of multiple stress tests. The cooling system is optimized to push the air out from the sides and from the center”.