Darksiders Genesis for Nintendo Switch, Resolution and Frame Rate Will Be the Best Possible

The Darksiders Genesis developers are aiming for the best possible compromise for the Nintendo Switch version of the game in terms of resolution and frame rate.

Darksiders Genesis will also be available on Nintendo Switch from February 14, and the game’s authors are aiming for the best possible compromise in terms of resolution and frame rate.

” Nintendo Switch is a platform that is different from the others on a technical level, so we will have to compromise, but the development team is working hard to make this version of Darksiders Genesis the best it can be,” said Joe Madureira, CEO of Airship Syndicate.

Madureira also said that it will aim at the highest resolution and best frame rate that the hybrid console is able to offer for this specific production.

Finally, Ryan Stefanelli, president of Airship Syndicate, added that this is not the first technical challenge that the team faces, see for example the work is done with Battle Chasers: Nightwar at a time when certain conversions were still taking their first steps on Switch.