Dragon Quest Heroes 3, Possible Release? The Game Director Speaks


Game director Tomohiko Sho talked about the possible release of Dragon Quest Heroes 3, analyzing any requirements for a new chapter.

Will Dragon Quest Heroes 3 be made? The release of the game was not announced and the project does not seem to be in the works, but the game director Tomohiko Sho spoke of this possibility.

” Dragon Quest Heroes is an intellectual property of Square Enix, so we can’t give anything for sure, but I’ve talked to them in the past about the possibility of making a third episode,” Sho said.

“We discussed a bit about how Dragon Quest Heroes III could have been, and the biggest problem is the improvements: there have been so many in the passage from the first to the second chapter.”

“For an eventual third episode what could we insert that is able to really hit the players who have already tried Dragon Quest Heroes and Dragon Quest Heroes II? It is not a simple question and we are not yet sure of the answer.”