PlayStation 25: Far Beyond “Just Fun”

Where were you on December 3, 1994? Probably if you didn’t live in Japan, you didn’t even know what “PlayStation” was. After all, he only arrived in the West almost a year later. But exactly 25 years ago, Sony took a step that changed the gaming industry. He boldly faced the giants Sega and Nintendo and has not looked back since.

But I didn’t come here to tell a story. After all, a few years ago, we already did that. A few months ago, we also covered a bit of this trajectory to see if the PS4 is the best console the company has ever made. I won’t talk about sales numbers either. The idea here is to highlight how much this brand has become vital for hundreds of millions of people around the world.

In two and a half decades, of course, there have been mistakes and hits. Highs and lows. However, if a balance is made, there is no doubt that the memories are extremely positive. With much more than striking games, unforgettable scenes, and products from various segments such as collectibles and clothing.

This is all the tangible side of the thing. But the feelings each one had with PlayStation is that it really matters. Friendships. The rewarding feeling of zeroing / platinum your favorite game. The reflections provoked by games like Death Stranding, for example. The time when you get a really good player in a FIFA Ultimate Team pack.

The “Game Station” takes players far beyond that. It’s not “just” fun.

A lot of people think games are bullshit. Others think it takes the focus off children. And there are even the most radical who think that even motivate people to be violent. Probably never had a PlayStation. Because he is the opposite of all this. Think about it: how much did your games teach you?

Uncharted, for example, is a history class. God of War introduces you to mythologies and addresses relevant topics such as family. Crash sounds like a silly little game, but it makes you learn to do tense challenges in no time. Examples abound. Whether it’s immersion in the narrative, having some kind of learning or even just passing the time.

How many people have not practiced their English a lot with games? How many friends haven’t you made playing PlayStation, either at home with the crowd or online? How many cool lessons of immersive storylines haven’t been in your memory? How many amazing looks didn’t let your jaw drop? How many experiences, even gameplay, have not “hooked” you?

I had the opportunity to live it all since PS One.

I won my first PlayStation in 2000. I played a lot of Bomb Patch, Spyro, Harry Potter, Beach Volleyball, Medal of Honor, Mega Man, Tekken and Syphon Filter… And I even dropped some classics like Silent Hill, Resident Evil and Metal Gear ( pardon). Even so, it all struck me a lot.

Amazed: I didn’t have the PS2. I got a PC gamer at the time, so I didn’t buy video games. I regret bitterly. But on PS3 I made up for a lost time. Especially with the God of War and Uncharted series. And now on PS4, I can say, without a doubt, that I live a peak as a gamer – already 30 years old.

Maybe that’s why I think the PlayStation 4 is the best of all. Of those 25 years of PlayStation history, I’ve lived for almost 20. Of those 20, six on PS4 – which I bought on Day One in the United States after 12+ hours in line. I bought PSVR, PS4 Pro, played hundreds of games and of course I’m here on My PS4.

So I needed to write this text.

It is a “thank you” and “congratulations” to PlayStation for each of the many memories eternalized thanks to this brand. On this historic day, I would like to invite you to reflect on how much it means to you. And of course, sharing this with us.

Comment on your top stories with PlayStation. Your favorite games. When they had the first contact with the consoles. Who were the friends who lived it together? Let it be a moment of celebration now.

After all, Sony deserves it.

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Raju has an exquisite taste. For him, video games are more than entertainment and he likes to discuss forms and art.

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