Red Dead Online, New Profession of the Incoming Frontier

Rockstar Games has unveiled the new profession of the Frontier which will be made available to the Red Dead Online community in the coming days.

Rockstar Games is preparing to make a new Frontier Profession available to Red Dead Online players. As announced today, the Distillers will be introduced starting Friday, December 13th. We find out more details through the official press release: Traders who have completed a sales mission or reached rank 5, with the help of Cripps will be able to meet the infamous Maggie Fike at the Emerald Ranch, an expert smuggler who carries the signs of the trade. Maggie knows the right people and has the knowledge to help you set up your business.

Buy the Distillation Hut and you are ready to start. For passers-by, the Capanna is a normal home, the perfect facade for your business. It’s in the basement, though, that you’ll have to work. Owning and managing a Distillator business is only part of your role. You will also have to collaborate with Maggie in a series of missions to play alone or with friends to help her get revenge on those who tried to kill her.

By growing your business (and eliminating rival activities), you will learn new recipes and techniques that will help you make your moonshine the best in the country. You will also have the opportunity to open your clandestine saloon where you can serve your spirits, with customizable decorations and the opportunity to host a country band with a dance floor to entertain friends and customers.

Don’t miss the other news that will arrive on December 13th in Red Dead Online as well as Distillers, including the Outlaw Pass 2, new unlockable items for the Distillers, the Navy Revolver, new clothing and additional slots for clothes in the wardrobe.

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