One Piece: Whitebeard Tests Kozuki Oden, That’s How


In chapter 964 of the One Piece manga Edward Newgate, called Whitebeard, put Kozuki Oden to the test: this is how and why.

Chapter 964 of the One Piece manga is at the time of writing already available in Japan, and while we await the publication of the next one, many readers may wonder: why Whitebeard put Kozuki Oden to the test, and how? We give you the answer in this quick article, but we advise you not to read if you prefer to avoid spoilers or anticipations of any kind.

In chapter 964 of the One Piece manga, Kozuki Oden insistently asked Whitebeard (Edward Newgate) to be able to join his crew. At the rejection of the powerful and famous pirate, who does not want to create scandals or problems at Wano, Oden decided to embark anyway, grabbing a chain connected to Whitebeard’s ship and thus being dragged away from the island.

At this point, then, Edward Newgate decided to put Kozuki Oden to the test: if he could hold on to that chain for three days through stormy seas, without dying, he would automatically have a place in his crew. Do you also want to know how the whole story ended? All right, we’ll tell you in the next paragraph.

Eventually, Oden failed the test, but not due to lack of strength or will: he simply rushed to rescue Toki, a girl in danger on a nearby island. Noting this act of selfless generosity, Edward Newgate has thus decided to welcome him, however, to his crew, among the pirates of Whitebeard.