Xbox Scarlett, Phil Spencer Took Home the New Microsoft Console

Phil Spencer has written on Twitter that he brought home an Xbox Scarlett and that he is using it as the main way to play, so does the console have a definitive form?

Phil Spencer claimed to have taken home an Xbox Scarlett these days, without going into much detail but therefore reporting that he already has the new Microsoft console, according to what he said in a Twitter message.

It is practically little more than an anecdote without many details about it but from the brief communication of the head of the Xbox division we can at least get some information: if Phil Spencer could take home an Xbox Scarlett it is very likely that the hardware specifications of the console are finally been defined and the platform exists in a final form, although it is possible that Spencer has put in a prototype version at home, perhaps built starting from a devkit.

Another piece of information that we can draw is the confirmation of total compatibility with Xbox One games and peripherals, something that has already been reiterated by Microsoft and therefore does not come as a surprise. The fact that Spencer uses it as the main console and “plays its games” and uses an Elite Series 2 controller is a clear indication of the backward compatibility of the Scarlett Xbox.

In addition, the head of the Xbox division may have wanted to send a message in response to the latest rumors, which want Microsoft back, compared to Sony, in communicating the features of the next-gen console.

In short, all conjecture because the message in truth is limited to reporting that Spencer has an Xbox Scarlett at home and that he is currently using it, adding that 2020 will be “an incredible year”, but at least something is also moving at Microsoft.