Fortnite x Star Wars: where to find the lightsabers, update 11.30.1 and the skin of Kylo Ren

We’re in the midst of one of Fortnite x Star Wars’s most anticipated Fortnite Chapter 2 events, which will keep us busy until next Monday. Previewing the release of Skywalker’s ascent next Wednesday, December 18th, on Saturday night we received a taste of the film thanks to the vision of a new scene.

We showed you how to get the lightsabers, now let’s see together the most likely locations to get them!

There are two ways to get a lightsaber. Either eliminate an opponent who already has a lightsaber and pick it up from his loot, or look for it in the chests. The special chests, which you see in the image below, are found in random locations, but there are some areas where they are appearing more frequently than others!

The areas to which we are alluding are precisely the Frenetic Farm and the Slurp industries at Platano Palpitante! Run to find them there!

Update 11.30.1 – Unexpected!

A new update for Fortnite Chapter 2 was published yesterday with very little notice. Objective to resolve some stability issues, and the temporary disabling of the DirectX12 beta was also communicated. Epic Games has announced its final intention to make it available again at the beginning of 2020, after a correct new analysis.

Kylo Ren’s skin

It should not be included among the unlockable items and customization elements by participating in the Star Wars Challenges, which will give access to a banner that celebrates the Star Wars saga, along with the First Order decorative back and the Jedi Training emote.
We are therefore waiting to understand how we can get it, but for the moment enjoy new leaks below that anticipate the look!

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