Some Facts About the ‘The Witcher’ Series

Geralt from Rivia . Photo: Doc. Netfilx
Netflix has launched the latest trailer of its first original fantasy series, ‘The Witcher ‘, a few days ago. The series will premiere on 20 December.
Adapted from Andrzej Sapkowski’s best-selling fantasy novel, ‘The Witcher ‘ tells the story of Geralt from Rivia (Henry Cavill), a mercenary killer who struggles to find his true self.
As a hitman, Geralt often sees that humans can be more cruel than monsters. This made him realize that good and evil are not that easy to judge.
Geralt from Rivia. Photo: Doc. Netflix
As time went by, destiny brought Geralt to Yennefer of Vengerberg (Anya Chalotra ) – a very powerful witch – and Princess Cirilla ( Freya Allan) – a royal princess who carried a big secret -.
For fans of ‘The Witcher ‘, Netflix will provide other latest facts from this fantasy series:
The names behind the fantasy world ‘The Witcher
The Witcher. Photo: Netflix Dock
The Witcher was created by Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, the brains behind a number of popular series such as ‘The Umbrella Academy’, ‘Marvel’s The Defenders ‘, and ‘Marvel’s Daredevil ‘.
The big cultivation of The Witcher world is a long process for Schmidt Hissrich, who started his project since September 2017.
He and his team always try to make this series bring the same atmosphere and stories as the novel. Schmidt Hissrich also admitted that it was difficult to define the genre of The Witcher.
“We always try to stay away from the concept and the word ‘ medieval ‘ in all aspects of production. We want to be more focused on the world of ‘The Continent ‘ itself, “said Schmidt Hissrich through a written statement received by coils, Tuesday (17/12).

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The Witcher World was built by a team from various well-known creative industries. Among these are production designer Andrew Laws (‘Warrior’, ‘The Last Face’, ‘Phone Booth’, ‘Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit ‘), costume designer Team Aslam (‘Black Sails ‘).
While cinematographers worked on Gavin Struthers (‘ Nightflyers ‘,’ The Alienist ‘,’ Marco Polo ‘) and Jean-Philippe Gossart (‘ Into the Badlands ‘, ‘ Britannia ‘, ‘Strike Back’), VFX supervisor Julian Parry (‘The Terror ‘,’ Camelot ‘,’ Vikings ‘), and stunt coordinator Franklin Henson (‘ Vikings ‘,’ Tomb Raider ‘,’ Gravity ‘,’ Sherlock Holmes’).
According to Schmidt Hissrich, the audience will be taken to a fantastic world, where they will follow the journey of three different characters.
“These characters have the destiny to always live alone, but managed to find their position in the world when they met each other,” added Schmidt Hissrich.
The main character ‘The Witcher ‘ from the perspective of the players
The Witcher. Photo: Netflix Dock
Netflix recently released a video introduction to the main character of The Witcher from the perspective of its players: Henry Cavill, Anya Chalotra, and Freya Allan.
According to Cavill, Witcher is a mutant who has a job to hunt monsters. As a creature that is hated by all species on the Continent, it is difficult for him to have a pleasant personality.
Despite his cool appearance, Geralt is a good figure, though sometimes he can do bad things.
Geralt has a dry sense of humor, but that is part of his charm. His greatest strength is his ability to love things and his belief in human kindness, “Cavill said.
Witcher was created from a combination of potions and magic. So the effect is very aggressive on their bodies. Witchers can drink a variety of herbs that can make them stronger. Although the spell that Witcher has is standard magic, it is very effective.
“Combine that with exceptional sword skills, speed, dexterity, and strength. The result is, a very interesting character, “concluded Cavill.
Yennefer from Vengerberg. Photo: Netflix Dock
For Yennefer’s character, Anya Chalotra explains that he is a figure who continues to fight with himself. His childhood was very tragic full of frustration, anger, and confusion–.
Born with a crooked spine and abnormal jaw, the father really hated him. However, it was the initial moment of Yennefer ‘s entire journey that finally shaped life.
Yennefer created a unique version of herself, someone who doesn’t like to be polite, likes to be in control and is dangerous. “The suffering that goes through is a very great challenge,” Chalotra said.
He wants to have a relationship, but it’s his fear and distrust that causes chaos. He is very strong and extraordinary, “he continued.
Freya Allan as Princess Cirilla . Photo: Doc. Netfilx
While Freya Allan, who played the role of Princess Cirilla aka Traits, felt that there was something special about the girl. As a princess, she has no experience in the outside world.
The trait of wanting to be free from the tight life of the kingdom, but suddenly instead lapsed into a very brutal world. He had to lose everyone he knew overnight, and many had chased after him.
“The main theme of The Witcher is a sense of loss and a search for family. Characteristics hold fast to his grandmother’s message, and that is what keeps him alive. He just doesn’t know where to start, “Allan said.