Field Hockey and Everything You Need To Know About It


Field hockey or most commonly known as hockey is a game that is played all around the world where ice hockey is not available. Hockey is a sport that requires a player to take a small plastic ball and throw it into the opponent’s field goal using a stick. The sport is most famous in the countries that don’t have below-freezing winters. Field hockey is played on different types of land such as grass, watered turf, or completely synthetic turf, the game can also be played indoors using indoors boarded surfaces.

The game of hockey requires two main pieces of equipment, a ball, and a stick to maneuver it. The ball is usually made up of hard round plastic. The stick of the hockey is much more complicated, the stick is usually made from wood but in recent years the due to the advancements of materials in the market, the sticks can now be made from fiberglass, carbon fiber, or maybe even both. Due to the expense of the materials, that the sticks are made from, carbon fiber is generally much more expensive and only used by professional players. The design of the stick is also fairly complicated, one end of the stick has a hook on it and one of the sides of the hook is flat. The players are only allowed to use the flat side of the stick and if they use the round side there can be a foul on the player of the team. The sticks are made to have one flat side to hit the ball and if any other part of the body touches the ball, it will be called a penalty on the player.

The game is played throughout the world especially in countries that don’t have access to below-freezing winters. The game has 10 field players and a goalkeeper that plays the game. The task of the field players is to take the ball and score a goal into the opponent’s goal whereas the goalkeeper is tasked to stop the opposing team’s goals. The game has become so popular that many fans enhance their game watching experience by placing a bet at home and earning money from the game.

The Rules of the Game

The game is fairly simple and relatively easy to understand by the fans. The field player passes the ball to their other team members to pass the ball into different hands to prevent it from being taken from the opposing team. The game is relatively similar to football, but the main difference is that the players use sticks to move the ball rather than their feet. The game consists of two intervals of 35 minutes each and a break of around 5 minutes in between them. The game is won by the team that scores the most points in the allotted time frame. There are fouls and penalties in the game that the players have to keep in mind when playing the game.

International Games

Field hockey is played by many countries and there is a world cup that happens at different intervals. The IHF or international hockey federation is responsible for managing all the international tournaments that are held worldwide, and around 137 countries are part of the federation that is responsible for international field hockey.

Wrapping It Up

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