At 54, Actress Elizabeth Hurley Impresses With Sensual Click Without Bra on Hammocks

Elizabeth Hurley (Photo: Instagram)

Elizabeth Hurley posed without a bra to celebrate Christmas on Instagram. The actress of ‘Austin Powers’ and ‘The Royals’ displayed a cleavage in a new photo shared with her shared the photo with her 1.4 million followers. The 54-year-old British actress chose to pose with an open jacket, a necklace and absolutely nothing underneath.

Wearing just the bottom of her bikini, she captioned the sexy photo: “Home decorated, guests have arrived, closets full of food … #bringiton humor.” Her fans were happy with the photo and filled the comment section with praise: “One of the hottest women in the world.” Another posted: “How do you not get old? My God, you look wonderful.”

Shortly thereafter, she posted another picture with a gold mini dress in front of a giant Christmas tree. ‘Liz’, as she is known, gained fame as an actress and model in the 1990s. Former girlfriend of actor Hugh Grant, she was a hit with the films ‘Austin Powers: An Undisclosed Agent’ (1997) and ‘Endiabrado’ (2000). ). She also starred as Queen Helena in the series ‘The Royals’ from 2015 to 2018. Now she plays Morgan le Fay in the science fiction series ‘Runaways’.