Techniques for Getting PokécoinsTo Help You Enjoy The Game More


There are two ways of getting Pokécoins legitimately when playing Pokémon Go. The first is with the use of real money to buy the in-game currency which would later be used to purchase Pokéballs, Lure modules, incense and other useful items that would help increase chances of gaining level with the game.

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As for Pokecoins, if you run out any of the useful items then you should head to the app store for Pokécoins. To purchase Pokécoins with real money, you will have to spend between $1 and $100 for packs of Pokécoins that range from 100 to 14,500 respectively.

Choosing to buy Pokécoins with your currency means that you can pay for it and you don’t have the patience to stick around playing to earn free coins.

The second way of getting these gold coins is to earn it. Yes, you can easily do so through the Gym system. Since not everyone is willing to open their wallet to purchase Pokécoins from the store, earning it becomes a must-do. Niantic and Nintendo allow this as a way of rewarding players.

If you don’t have money to buy Pokécoins then earning them free in the course of play becomes the more viable option! Here is a breakdown of action steps that can be applied to earn free Pokémons:

  • You should play this game up to level 5 before start using a gym. This is the way Pokémon Go is built. If your level in the game is not up to level 5 then you are not yet qualified to use battle or control gyms and earn Pokécoins.
  • If you have reached level 5 then you should start catching and hatching Pokémons to boost your combat power or CP. This will help you easily fight and defend gyms for Pokécoins.
  • There are two types of gyms – friendly gym and enemy gym. You can fight in friendly gym to increase its prestige value as well as the number of Pokémons in it. The longer you defend this gym the higher your chance of earning free Pokémons.
  • You can also fight and takeover enemy gyms. After a successful takeover, you have to station one of your strongest Pokémon to control it.
  • Pokémon Go allows for successful defending or controlling of a gym up to 21 hours after which you would be rewarded with “Defender Bonus”. For each gym you successfully defend or control during this period, you will earn 10 free coins. You also get some stardust.
  • You are allowed to control up to 10 gyms in day, and this means you can earn up to 100 free Pokémons in a day.
  • You can claim or retrieve your free Pokécoins by clicking on the shield icon on the upper right corner of the ‘shop’ page.
  • Then you can use your free Pokécoins to buy useful times like Egg Incubators, Lucky Eggs, Lure Modules, Bag Upgrades, Pokéballs, and more.

Conclusively, getting Pokécoins can be done by spending “real” money on the gold coins or by earning through the gym system. At least, these are the options that Niantic and Nintendo have approved for players for now.

You can engage in any of these or both if you want. However, you must wary of sites that offer free Pokécoins hack. You could be banned by Niantic. It must be noted that a lot of the hacks for free Pokécoins is patched by Niantic.