Adele Appears Accompanied by James Corden on Caribbean Vacation


Adele came along accompanied by James Corden on vacation in the Caribbean. The singer appeared in the music business a few years ago and since then has remained untouched, the singer made a smash hit in 2008 when she released the song Someone Like You, a song that launched the singer on the hit charts. Adele fans are passionate about his voice and the songs he writes based on his love affairs.

There is speculation of new album

The singer is already about four years without recording anything new to compose her repertoire, so fans get excited every time she comes up with someone from the music business, with her speculation about new compositions.

During the holidays, Adele is joined by Harry Styles and James Corden in Anguilla, a Caribbean town. The two are friends of the singer from England.

Apparently, Adele and Corden had another meeting earlier in September last year, the singer and the presenter were in London, England and met at a restaurant where there are theories that mysterious recordings have taken place.

Adele appears accompanied on Caribbean beach

It is still rumored that in September the singer sent material to her label partners, creating the hope that soon there will be new songs to please fans’ ears around the world.

If these recordings really happen, it will be the singer’s first album after a four year sabbatical. According to information, the song that Adele sent is very dancing and talks about her relationship with her ex husband.