Brad Pitt Dedicates Message to Leonardo Dicaprio and Twitter Goes Crazy


Actor Brad Pitt won a Golden Globe as best supporting actor, when he stepped on the podium he dedicated a message to Leonardo DiCaprio causing all Twitter to explode with emotion

Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio became a trend on Twitter by message that the winner of the Golden Globe dedicated to the protagonist of the Titanic.

Thanks to his participation in the film film “Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood” by director Tarantino as a supporting actor, he earned him one of the awards of the night.

Brad Pitt first became a trend in the social network because of his appearance because he looked quite young despite being fifty-six years old.

Although it is almost certain that in every performance of the protagonist of “Trolla” he won an Academy Award for his performances, he was not expected to do so at the Golden Globes Awards 2020.

The actor caused a great rumble from the moment he reached the red carpet, as did Leonardo DiCaprio and even more when photographs were taken together posing as when they did years ago in 1997.

Both DiCaprio and Pitt a few years ago were the platonic love of more than one young girl, but seeing them again together revived those feelings and became now the so-called Crush of several females. 

What most caught the attention of the night, was when Brad received his award, because in saying his speech he left everyone eclipsed, because at one point he also thanked Leonardo DiCaprio ending with a phrase that everyone immediately understood “I do I would have risen to the table “ referring to the movie Titanic where Leo was the protagonist and in which he eventually lost his life due to hypothermia.

“Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood” began what was expected to be a good night for the Tarantino fable in Los Angeles with a victory for the best screenplay.