Christian Bale Could Not Go to the Golden Globes Due to illness


The actor could not fly to Los Angeles on medical advice to treat a “poorly maintained flu.”

Christian Bale was unable to attend the Golden Globe ceremony on Sunday (January 5) due to illness.

The Dark Knight star was nominated for Best Performance by an Actor for his performance in the movie Ford v Ferrari, but Bale withdrew from his plans to attend the awards ceremony at the Beverly Hilton while fighting a poorly maintained flu.

Sources tell that the Briton, who lives in Los Angeles, was on vacation abroad when he became ill and was advised not to fly until he felt better.

Meanwhile, nominated candidate Russell Crowe also missed the 2020 awards ceremony: The Loudest Voice actor decided to stay home in Australia as wildfires continue across the country.

Crowe’s rural property near Coffs Harbor in New South Wales was among the areas enveloped by “catastrophic” flames in November (2019) when two of its buildings were completely destroyed.