Harry Styles Attends Donnie Wahlberg’s Challenge and Leaves $ 2,020 Tip


The singer and actor left a generous tip to a waiter during his vacation in Anguilla.

Harry Styles followed in the footsteps of singer/actor Donnie Wahlberg and left a generous $ 2,020 tip for a restaurant server while on vacation in Anguilla.

The Blue Bloods star popularized the 2020 Tip Challenge on Wednesday (January 1, 2020), after giving a waitress at an IHOP restaurant in St. Charles, Illinois, a great start to her year by adding the amount of Tip of US $ 2,020.00, after breakfast with his wife Jenny McCarthy.

McCarthy boasted of his man’s kind gesture on Twitter when she posted a picture of the receipt, in which Wahlberg had written, “Happy New Year 2020 TIP CHALLENGE.”

Jenny captioned her post: “@DonnieWahlberg starts 2020 as the amazing man he is.”

Now Harry Styles has also taken up the social media challenge, leaving the big tip on a $ 472.50 bill he received on Saturday night (January 4, 2020) after dinner with his old friend, comedian James Corden and Adele superstar soul, while vacationing in the Caribbean.

The lucky employee shared a complement to the online receipt, including a note from the former One Direction star, who had written: “Happy New Year!”

“Big congratulations to @harrystyles for caring for Mr. Big Life!”, The employee tweeted.

The waiter, who also shared photos of Styles and Corden hanging out, added: “@donniewahlberg got the second world response from Harry Styles from the Virgin Islands of St. Thomas with @j_corden and @adele.”