Jennifer Lopez Holds It in Both Hands: ‘It’s Huge’


Jennifer Lopez is experiencing one of the most important moments of her career. At 50, the beautiful Latina is finally showing all of her talent as an actressJLo has always been a multifaceted artist and much praised for it. She has always done well, as a singer, actress, presenter, dancer, TV star, in a hugely successful career. But it always seemed that something was missing that was not only good but excellent. And that moment seems to have come in 2019, but it can be confirmed now, in 2020.

Jennifer Lopez can get her Oscar

Confirmation as an actress can come in the form of an Oscar. That would be her big wish for this new year and things start well for her. Jennifer Lopez has already won first prize of the year, receiving the award for best lead actress for her performance in ‘ Hustlers ‘, in which she played a very tough role but performing better than ever. After that, it looks like beauty could be ready for the Oscars, which would be the biggest recognition of her career and what all the actors are after.

Jennifer Lopez is one of those stars that everyone loves but loses some merit for being so beautiful. She is one of the greatest artists of recent years, but she is often viewed only as one of the most beautiful, and not always as one of the most talented.

The actress suffered a lot in Hustlers

Now, if this Oscar really does arrive, it can finally be recognized as one of the best, also in the movies. What would be deserved after so many years of career and with so many box office successes. And win right away in a movie that was so hard for her.

The actress commented in recent days how bad it was to record ‘Hustlers’. “Having to go out practically naked every day cost me a lot. It was outside, with 300 men watching, while I danced. I lost all the trust you had in me. I had a very bad time revealed beauty. Now all of this is being rewarded and people are looking at your effort and praising your talent very much.

Earlier this year, she received the award for best lead actress at the Palm Springs Festival, and JLo celebrated with a selfie with the award in hand. “It’s huge,” fans are commenting, who are actually seeing this award as an appetizer for something bigger that could come this 2020, which is the Oscars.