Jon Voight Praises Angelina Jolie as a Mother


The actor took advantage of the event that precedes the Golden Globe to talk about his grandchildren

Actor Jon Voight, 81, revealed to reporters at the event preceding the Golden Globe last Saturday that his daughter, Angelina Jolie, is an excellent mother. “She loves her children, she’s always involved with them, always worried about them,” he said, “she’s great.”

Angelina Jolie has six children with Brad Pitt. The oldest, Maddox, is 18, and the younger twins, Knox and Vivienne, are 11.

Voight also said that the biggest lesson he learned from being a grandfather is that every child is unique. “They all have something special, and what you want to do is give them the tools they need to express it.” The actor also praised his daughter’s ex-husband, “I’m proud of Brad,” talking about Brad Pitt’s role in the movie Once Upon a Time… Hollywood.