Model Sends Intimate Photos for Donating to an Association and Collects 300 Thousand Dollars


A model in Los Angeles sends intimate photographs to fans who will donate for an association called “Bushfire Relief.”

His name is Kaylen Ward, and she has helped the association raise more than $ 300,000 by offering these intimate photos to those who joined to donate more than $ 10 to help in Australia’s wildfire efforts.

Kaylen, @lilearthangelk on Twitter, says she has received thousands of messages from fans who have already donated to various charities to help with forest fires, raising more than $ 300,000 USD so far, a great help.

“I am sending my photos without clothes to each person who donates at least $ 10 to any of these fundraising organizations for forest fires in Australia,” she posted on Twitter this Saturday, along with links to make donations to various charities. of help against forest fires.

Her tweet has received more than 20 thousand retweets and more than 35 thousand likes since she posted it and has received so many DMs that Kaylen had to receive help from two friends to answer everyone.

These not-so-usual Kaylen efforts have helped raise funds and awareness among social media users in the United States. Kaylen was very upset after seeing photos and stories of forest fires on social networks.

To achieve this, she used her Instagram account where she had 45 thousand followers to get good attention. 

“To anyone who has something negative to say about the way I am raising money … I would ask them what they have done to help, and if they have an alternative solution that would prove to be the same or more effective. I don’t think people or animals complain about where the money came from. “

The model is in the process of creating its own non-profit organization to help raise more funds in times of future crisis. However, her efforts to help caused him to deactivate her Instagram account but follow him on Twitter as @lilearthangelk.