Salma Hayek and the Dress That Dull the Shine of Jennifer Lopez


The “Bronx diva” had never had such a strong competition until Salma Hayek appeared in a spectacular dress

The famous singer Jennifer Lopez always impacts in any place that occurs, however this time she had a strong competition for which all her brightness went to the background after Salma Hayek appeared on stage.

Actress Salma Hayek wore a wardrobe with which she obscured the brightness that always radiates the New York singer, Jennifer Lopez.

And it is that the Mexican actress made all her artillery and gave a sample that she has a great fashion style and managed to dazzle after appearing in a Gucci dress, which made her look very elegant. 

The above happened in a series of events in which the Mexican actress wasted all her elegance and tested her good taste, was the impact that the singer, ” diva del Bronx ” went to the background. 

This also noticed social network users who could not point out the differences of the ensembles of both artists who attended the awards ceremony of the Palm Springs International Film Festival, a totally exclusive event that brings together great personalities of cinema, the same where talents agreed as both artists. 

Both artists arrived at the great ceremony and gave much to talk about. Both Salma and Jennifer Lopez wore impressive dresses however Salma opted for one of the most important Gucci firms. 

The firm is one of the brands that are part of the fashion empire, owned by Salma Hayek’s husband, so it is not surprising that he once again wears exclusive garments from the fashion house and the dress gave much to talk about.

The outfit of the newly released as a producer of the Netflix ” Monarch ” series wore a simple and elegant look, however, made it stand out among several luminaries present. 

While Jennifer Lopez’s outfit used a beautiful floral dress, however, fashion experts revealed that it was too much for such an occasion, which made Salma Hayek’s dress the best option of the night.