Salma Hayek Dazzles With Pronounced Red Carpet Neckline of the Golden Globes

Salma Hayek dazzles with pronounced red carpet neckline of the Golden Globes | INSTAGRAM

Veracruz-born Salma Hayek impacted those present on the red carpet of the prestigious Golden Globes awards, in its 2020 edition

Although  Salma Hayek is not one of the Golden Globes nominees, in its 77th edition, the actress was one of the most anticipated guests of the red carpet.

The producer of Monarca, Netflix series, has been required to present one of the awards of the spectacular night.

The Mexican dazzles with unique models, wherever the place is adorned with her presence, and this occasion has not been the exception, because she has chosen again, design of the Italian fashion house Gucci for this special occasion.

The Mexican wore a very bold look after wearing a dress highlighting her slim but voluptuous figure with a pronounced front neckline with which she showed her great attributes of her king blue corset made in lace and complemented it with a straight and long colored skirt white and with large opening in the left leg. Of course, flirtatious sandals in silver-tone could not miss to give the final touch to the dress.

In addition, the actress, producer, and businesswoman boasted her model and how well she looks, in her official Instagram account, with the text “Here we go! #GoldenGlobes … Here we go”, with which it almost explodes the network with almost half a million likes within an hour of having published the postcard.

And of course, thousands of comments among which you can see messages full of heart emojis and red kisses.

Undoubtedly, Salma Hayek chose an outfit tailored to who climbs the stage to present one of the nominations and deliver the present.

With the announcement of its participation in  Eternals, a production with which Hayek joins the Marvel Universe next to the great  Angelina Jolie and Kit Harington, 2019 was an important cycle for the actress’s career, who was also a producer of MonarchNetflix’s hit series, Monarch and, starred in the comedy Like a Boss together sharing credits with  Tiffany Haddish and Rose Byrne.