Selena Gomez Warms the Atmosphere Before the Release of Her New Album “Rare”


The singer seems to answer Justin Bieber on social networks a hurtful phrase with the dedication to her.

Selena Gomez for a few days is preparing the premiere of her new album ‘Rare’, which is released worldwide on January 10.

Every day the singer publishes a photograph with a phrase that belongs to one of the subjects she interprets. Very suggestive phrases that everyone later attributes to someone, especially Justin Bieber, who gave him a hurtful phrase that angered Selena’s fans. The Canadian says in his song: “I lost a decade of my life with a woman who was not even half of who you are.” Selena seems to answer in her song ‘Lost You to Love Me’, in which she says she needed to hate him so he can love herself.

In her latest publication, Selena appears in the bathtub with a white shirt, which when wet becomes transparent and even reveals the singer’s tattoos on her back, and wrote: “people can suddenly become people you know people not”.

This photo achieved thousands of likes in a few minutes, in addition to many comments in which his followers praise his talent and beauty.