Lady Gaga Lets off Steam and Tells the Truth About Possible Dating Bradley Cooper


Lady Gaga made a smash movie hit in 2018 by pairing heartthrob with heartthrob Bradley Cooper in the movie “A Star Is Born.” The couple worked so well on the big screen than outside of them, many rumors that the couple was dating flooded the media.

Despite much news that the romance was really going on, Lady Gaga decided to tell the truth in an interview on the most popular television show in the United States, Oprah Winfrey’s.

Lady Gaga confessed that she combined off-screen dating with Bradley Cooper

The pop singer admitted that it was just a joke with the couple’s millions of fans.
Cooper was married at the time, and rumors that he had separated from his wife to be with the singer also happened at the same time, giving tones of truth to the involvement with Lady Gaga.

The intention was to make fans dream of the union, as the film portrayed at various times the life of a singer like Lady Gaga. A girl who started from nothing and who, with much effort and sweat, eventually found success, fame, and money in music, while still living a great love in the meantime. 

At the time, Gaga was engaged to agent Christian Carin

Shortly after the shooting of ‘A Star Is Born’, Bradley Cooper broke up with Russian model Irina Shayk, with whom she has a daughter.
And Lady Gaga also ended her three-year relationship with her agent.

Shortly thereafter, the couple in people’s minds really got no lovemaking in real life. From then on, rumors intensified and the relationship between the two artists was taken for granted. But it was all a joke, in Lady Gaga’s own words.