Shakira in Suffering: ‘Urgency Internment’


Shakira fans are concerned and apparently right. As well as Gerard Piqué and Barcelona football. Some images are running social media and can change the life of the couple, especially the Colombian singer“Urgent intern”, can be read in the images that are worrying about everyone.

The singer’s parents live in Miami

In this case, it is Shakira’s mother who is seen experiencing great difficulties. Nidia del Carmen was spotted arriving at a Miami hospital with difficulty walking. Apparently, the mother of the Colombian star is not doing well and these photos that show the time when Nidia entered the hospital are giving much to talk on the Internet.

By the images and, according to the news, the singer’s mother has serious problems walking. She still needed someone else’s help to move on. At the moment, not much is known about Nidia del Carmen’s health, but fans of Shakira, who have always known the singer’s mother as very close to her daughter, are clearly concerned about her situation.

“Poor thing if she can’t walk,” “Too bad,” “She’ll need a lot of help,” or “I’ve never seen Shakira’s mother so badly, ” are some of the comments about Nidia del Carmen’s health. Fans are clearly feeling the pains of the singer, who has always had an excellent relationship with her parents, who live in Miami, where Shakira also spends some time in her life, despite her companion being in Barcelona

Singer could move to Miami too

Of course, with her profession, Shakira can’t always be in Barcelona and it’s precisely in Miami where she has the most work. Much has been said that she might move to Miami when Piqué ends her career to live there closer to her parents and closer to the studios and record companies she works with most.

Now this situation of her mother could hasten all this. According to the website Diario Gol, the couple, along with their two children, Milan and Sacha, could soon move to the city of Florida, where she previously lived and where their parents reside.