The Batman Leaks Images of Bruce Wayne in Recordings of the Next Tape


Robert Pattinson appears in Bruce Wayne mode in the middle of The Batman’s recording set, in addition to Colin Garrel in his Oswald Cobblepot or Penguin character

Robert Pattinson, the protagonist of The Batman, appears in Bruce Wayne mode during the recordings of what will be the next version of the legendary film.

Another of the actors that leaked images, was  Colin Garrel in his character  Oswald Cobblepot or better known as ” The Penguin “, one of the great villains in history.

In recent days, images have been leaked from the recording set of  The Batman as a sign of expectation or suspicion caused by the desire to see the finished tape already put in theaters.

The characteristics of the set could allude a little to what could be Gothic City, the iconic city in which Robert Pattinson could be seen as Bruce Wayne.

In fact, the actor of ” Twilight ” was chosen by Matt Reeves for impersonating  Bruce Wayne or Batman, after they decided that Ben Affleck would not go over the role of the Dark Knight.

The filtered photograph shows  Pattinson riding a motorcycle with his helmet in his hand and his face covered. Apparently, it is incognito and the scene could include the Penguin because both are in the same place.

It can even be seen characterized by Batman’s arch-nemesis with blond hair and an umbrella, an artifact that identifies the Penguin. There is also a video in which you can see the film crew filming near a church and with the police in action.

The Batman will, as we know, with  Robert Pattinson impersonating the Batman. The cast also includes  Jeffrey Wright  ( Jim Gordon ),  Andy Serkis  ( Alfred Pennyworth ) and  Zoë Kravitz ( Selina Kyle, or Catwoman [ Gatúbela] ).

In a reality – within fiction – Bruce Wayne is a human who has been trained to seek physical and mental perfection, aspects that go beyond the limits of Batman. And although his powers are not super fantastic like those of other fictional characters, his are extraordinary.

As an additional fact, it must be said that  Batman chose a bat as his symbol because in his childhood, he fell into a pit, then a flock of bats came out and since then he would have had a particular fear for them that he would have to overcome.