Alice Braga Lives Long Distance Dating With Actress Bianca Comparato


Through her advisory, Alice Braga, 36, confirmed on Monday (6) that she is dating actress Bianca Comparato, 34. The news was released by the site F5.

The news came to the public today, but the relationship began three years ago. They both preferred to keep dating out of the spotlight, as they already do with other personal life matters. So only their closest friends and family knew about the relationship.

As Alice lives in the United States and Bianca in Brazil, the two live a relationship at a distance. But as soon as there is a break in their agenda, the actresses seek to meet.

In Netflix’s 3% series, which has already had its fourth season confirmed, Bianca plays the character, Michele Santana. On television, the actress can also be seen in the reenactment of the soap opera Avenida Brasil, in which she plays one of her mother Lucinda’s daughters, Bethânia.

Already Alice Braga will be on the big screen in April with the movie Eduardo and Monica, inspired by the classic band Legion Urban. In production, she will make a romantic match with Gabriel Leone, 26.