Kylie Jenner: The Photo of Shame She Had to Delete From Instagram

Kylie Jenner poses with one of the outfits in the snow (@kyliejenner)

Criticism for her lack of sensitivity to the fires in Australia has led her to remove her from her social profile

We have only had to wait a few days to witness the first network controversy of the year of one of the Kardashian sisters. It was Kylie Jenner, the youngest of the clan, who has turned Instagram upside down because of a somewhat inappropriate photo. And it is that the celebrity has been photographed by the fire just at the time when Australia is suffering the worst fires in history. And of course, social networks have been thrown over and she has finished deleting the photo.

But like everything that appears on networks, the photo has not disappeared. Internet users were quick to save the image intuiting that it was going to bring problems to Kylie Jenner, enough to eliminate it.

Kylie Jenner (Instagram)

What appeared in that image so that such a stir was organized? The photograph had a clear protagonist: Kylie Jenner, of course. In it we see her with yellow-colored hair (not blond), wearing what is probably one of the wigs in her collection.

The influencer appears sitting in an armchair wrapped in a nude-colored grid that shows that what she wears underneath is a top and a culotte also in flesh color. Heeled sandals complete the look with which she poses in front of a bonfire.

Photo of Kylie Jenner deleted from Instagram (Instagram)

Kylie Jenner looks seductively at the camera while wearing the accessories, bag included, which she has chosen for the occasion. The image itself has nothing beyond normal but where Kylie Jenner screwed up it was with the photo caption.

“Find your fire,” wrote the youngest of the Kardashian with an emoji of a yellow heart and another of a flame. And of course, considering that Australia is burning, its animals dying and its inhabitants being evacuated because of the fires, social networks have been thrown over.

Comment criticizing Kylie Jenner (Instagram)

“If someone needs fire, you can keep ours,” wrote a presumably Australian user, showing some irony with his comment. Such has been the avalanche of criticism that Kylie Jenner has received that the young woman has had to delete the Instagram photo to avoid being embarrassed.