TikTok Becomes Believer: Justin Bieber Opens His Official Account


Is it too late now to say sorry? Because we’re not sorry at all since  Justin Bieber is officially part of the TikTok community.

Just next to the release of his highly anticipated new album, the singer published his first videos on the platform inviting creators to record fun 15-second segments musicalized by his first single  Yummy.

The singer who fell in love for more than a decade already has almost 2 million followers in his official account  @justinbieber  and we can see him dancing naturally and joyfully to the rhythm of his song.

The short format video application allows its users to be themselves and express their ideas creatively through a set of editing tools and hundreds of available effects. No matter what music you are dancing, TikTok is where you will find cheerful, funny and eccentric videos that you will not see anywhere else.