Aaron Carter’s New Girlfriend Is Trolled on Social Media


The singer’s new girlfriend is pointed out of being “plastic” and of using the actor to get attention.

Rapper Aaron Carter fans called his new love “Plastica” and claimed that he is only using it after his debut on Instagram.

Aaron recently took Instagram to introduce his new girlfriend, model Melanie Martin.

“She was not ready @missmelaniemartin. I’m his lion and look at the shit @grrrrrr, ”he captioned a video of her sitting next to him in a car, reports aceshowbiz.com.

A day later, he posted a photograph of her planting a kiss on her cheek while taking the mirror selfie.

He captioned it: “She loves me, she doesn’t love me, she woke me from the nap but I don’t complain,” he added with a lion emoji.

His followers had many things to say about his new girlfriend.

“Yes, this relationship will not last as long as the other,” wrote one.

Some people said the woman looked “plastic.”

One replied to Aaron: “Can you date someone of natural beauty who has not had so much plastic surgery?”

Another wrote: “Nice? Who? Plastic girl? Oh, okay “.

One user said: “I wonder how much money he has spent on his body.”

One person accused Melanie of using Aaron to get attention.

“Yes, it looks like the last girl you went out with who used you … Too bad you don’t learn seriously from your mistakes,” said the user.