Justin Bieber’s Depression Was Due to Lyme Disease


In his new documentary, the singer talks about the difficult diagnosis and fight against the disease.

Justin Bieber will reveal in his documentary why so many people thought he was fighting deep depression, and he accepts yes to have been depressed, but it was because he contracted Lyme disease.

Sources that have seen the documentary, which premieres on January 27, point out that Justin and others in his life discuss the symptoms of distress he suffered in 2019. He says that for a large part of the year his condition was not diagnosed. Doctors struggled to find out what was wrong, but they couldn’t identify him until the end of last year.

The disease is acquired through a tick bite. Symptoms include rashes, headaches, fever and fatigue.

Several photographs of the singer presented him leaving a medical building in Beverly Hills in November, with an IV in his arm. Everyone thought it was a trickle of vitamins, but it was actually to treat Lyme disease.

Now that he has been diagnosed, he is being treated with the right medications, his skin has improved and he is now ready for the release and tour of his next album, as he says in the documentary.