Khloe Kardashian Is Labeled “Hypocritical” for Worrying About Animals Killed in Fire


The reality show star was criticized because despite her “concern,” she wears animal skins attire.

Television personality Khloe Kardashian was labeled hypocritical by fans on social media after she said the fur coat she wore on Halloween was not made of animal material.

Khloe was attacked after she said the world needs to “wake up” and “save the animals,” as she made a passionate plea in light of the devastating wildfires in Australia, reports

However, Khloe’s words did not go well with fans, and one shared a publication of the television star Halloween costume, in which she had dressed as Disney villain Cruella De Vil, saying that she was already killing Animals with their choice of wearing skins.

“Oh my God, 500 million animals have died!” What is that, one little less than for your fur coats and accessories, @khloekardashian? “, Said the user.

Responding to the post, Khloe said: “I am wearing a Halloween costume. It is not real skin. But keep spreading your vile hatred instead of concentrating on real problems. ”

But the user soon recalled a 2019 publication of an account called Daniel’s Leather, where the designer of Khloe’s outfit claimed that the garment had worn fox fur and mink.

The post read: “@khloekardashian came to me with this vision. I knew it would not be an easy task, but I am very happy that the final product came out perfect, ”they published with a photograph of the outfit. I also want to thank @janellermiller for his help on this imp project. I am very proud of the fact that at any time it is a great project, people always approach daniels leather. ” She added the hashtags, “#Fox #Mink #Sheep”.

Khloe has deleted his comment in the post but has not yet addressed the resurfaced post of the Halloween look designer.