Kim Kardashian Is Spotted With the Refrigerator Open; What’s Inside Shocked the Netizens


Kim Kardashian is caught with the fridge open and clashes web with what’s inside. The businesswoman of the famous Kardashian family owns a huge fortune, she and her husband together are one of the richest famous in the region where they live.

Parents of four children, the couple own a beautiful mansion full of luxury. Kim is known to be impeccably well-groomed, it is almost impossible to find a photo where the muse is without makeup, hair well done, expensive and stylish clothes and with nails not done. Even during her 4 pregnancies, she was always ready for the photos.

The web is shocked by the contents of the fridge 

But it seems that all this splendor does not guarantee that the muse is a household economy person, and that became clear when Kim was spotted in a photo in front of her open refrigerator. Fans everywhere were shocked by what they saw inside their refrigerator and began to question if Kim’s family lived on the wind.

Inside the refrigerator were only a few milk cartons and a juice jar with two straw cups inside, nothing more. It is hard to believe that a family of six, where four are children, has no fruit, vegetables or vegetables for food.

Fans mocked the photo

Some fans following the businesswoman fired in comments saying that this should be an extra fridge just to pour milk, others said it was not possible for Kim to truly live there with her family without food. And some hypothesized that she should only eat out or order fast food,
and another fan joked that it was empty because it’s January.