Know Who Neymar’s Model and Target Actress Are; Amanda Cerny’s Beauty Impresses


American model Amanda Cerny has hit the radar of celebrity internet searchers, following comment by Neymar on one of her Instagram posts, a social network where the artist has more than 26 million followers.

Amanda has posted a photo of her wearing a red wig of the character Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland. Neymar commented and netizens saw the attitude as a player sang.

The Brazilian star compared Amanda with the character Emilia, from Sítio do Pica-Pau Amarelo, a children’s classic by Monteiro Lobato. Amanda did not know the character, went to Google and thought it was similar.

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Who is Amanda Cerny?

Given Neymar’s comment and repercussion throughout Brazil, many people have wondered who Amanda Cerny is. At 26, she is an American model and actress. The young girl is compromised. 

Her boyfriend is a digital influencer, Johannes Bartl. Photos with her boyfriend are not very common in your social network. In most clicks, she appears alone.

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Brazilians invade Amanda’s Instagram

The Brazilians wasted no time following the comment of Neymar’s comment. Many broke into Amanda’s post and made their comments humorous.

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A day of design

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“My dream is someday to have Neymar’s singing ability,” joked one. “In this picture, I understand why Ney wasted no time,” pointed out another.

Neymar has been single since the breakup with fellow actress Bruna Marquezine. The player has enjoyed the moments of singleness. Sometimes getting involved in controversy, as when relating to Najila Trindade and the romance became a police affair.