Lola Indigo and the Photo in Which Kim Kardashian Looks

Lola Indigo (Instagram)

The singer has premiered the year on Instagram with an image that has confused her fans

With the end of the holidays and the New Year celebrations, it is time to return to real life. And not only anonymous people but also celebrities. After seeing photos on the social networks of Christmas trees, New Year’s Eve getaways and gifts from Reyes, it is time to republish ‘normal’ photographs. Lola Indigo has already released the year on Instagram with an image that has left her fans somewhat out of place. Why? Because it looks like Kim Kardashian herself.

Lola Indigo said goodbye to 2019 taking a few days off after closing her tour at a concert in Salt, Girona, where she took her OT partner Alfred by surprise.

GRAF3921. MADRID, 12/23/2019 – Lola Indigo, with an MTV award for the best Spanish artist still warm in the hands and the canopies of half a country wallpaper with her photography for a well-known lingerie campaign, says in an interview with Efe: ‘ I feel every woman and it hurts to see injustices. I have felt so valid throughout my life that, when I was growing up and I appreciated that I was not valued the same, that traumatized me ‘EFE / Juan Carlos Hidalgo (Juan Carlos Hidalgo / EFE)

But the interpreter of Witch Woman is already full again wanting to make war. In fact, she has already opened her Instagram with the first photographs of 2020, some images in which she was surprised because more than Lola Indigo, it seems another famous.

A Lola Indigos love to play him with her hair and change from smooth to curly and make ponytails, braids, and all that your hair will allow. In her first post on Instagram, we see her in a selfie in front of what the bathroom mirror looks like and, honestly, she remembers Kim Kardashian a lot.

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The singer appears dressed in an American with nothing underneath, with chains hanging around her neck, and a long and perfect manicure in the purest Rosalia style. Lola Indigo wears an eyeliner-based make-up and a nude lipstick that gives her a sophisticated air.

Her fans have noticed that the styling and wavy hair she wears remind a lot of Kim Kardashian’s looks, although to tell the truth, Lola Indigo also looks a lot like Jesy Nelson of Little Mix.

Lola Indigo continues with her professional projects and this year will surprise us with new shows from her Akelarre tour, including a very special one: the one from the Wizink Center in Madrid.